Mrs Debbie Scarff Tel: 01823 589233

Mr Jonathan D Rossiter FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon In Taunton, Somerset

Mrs Debbie Scarff Tel: 01823 589233

Mr Jonathan D Rossiter FRCOphth


Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon In Taunton, Somerset

Patient Testimonials

Please scroll on through some our patient testimonials. If you find there is not a treatment covered and you have any questions please do get in touch

Mrs B A

"The laser treatment appears to have been successful, and now I realise how misty the sight in that eye had become. The only problem is I can now see the cobwebs in the corners of the house which had gone unnoticed! If I have any concerns in the future I will not hesitate to contact you."

April 2019

Mrs D B

“Thank you for removing my two cataracts recently. I am so pleased with the improvement in my vision. Your friendly patience towards me when I was in your care was much appreciated.”

March 2019

Mr D S

"Thank you for such a pleasant and reassuring consultation."

January 2019

Mrs A E

You performed cataract surgery by general anaesthetic on me on November 13th this year. (I'm blind in one eye). I wish to thank you for the wonderful difference you have made to my sight - My world is now lumnious technicolour! Many thanks to you and your lovely team.

December 2018

Mrs P H

Thank you for taking such care of my eyes when you removed my cloudy old lenses and gave me such wonderful vision again. Every day I am so grateful for what you have given back to me.

September 2018

Mrs N VC

Thank you so much for giving me my sight back.

May 2018

Mrs B O

Many thanks for your care and expertise - I'm very grateful.

April 2018

Mrs J P

I just wanted you to know what a difference the cataract ops have made to me and to thank you again. I was heading towards a dog and a white stick but your expertise has enabled me to see the world through new eyes (literally). I do hope you realise what a gift you have for dramatically improving peoples lives and how much it is appreciated, Please keep up the good work.

August 2017

Mrs E S

Just a note to thank you so much for your kindness, reassurance and the confidence you gave me whilst having the cataracts removed from both my eyes in such quick succession, the outcome of which is fantastic. I really do appreciate all you have done - THANKYOU!

April 2017

Mrs M R

I just wanted to thank you for making the cataract operation so un-threatening - I felt I was in safe hands. The results are brilliant! - the colours! Sunrise and sunset are daily miracles. Thank you again.

February 2017

Mrs J B

I wanted to write a note to you, thanking you for the recent treatment you administered, I am most grateful to you. I would like to continue my treatment with you having gained the confidence and trust you have instilled. Many thanks for your continued support.

January 2017

Mrs H G

I am so very, very pleased with the outcome of my cataract procedures and I would like to thank you again for looking after me so well. I saw Mr Farrant just before Christmas and he was pleased too - so a huge success! Please keep going with your fantastic work.

January 2017

Mrs J Q

I should like to put in writing my appreciation of your excellent handling of my cataract surgery and thereby the restoration of my sight. Having heard harrowing tales from relatives of their experiences of this procedure, I feel that I have been very fortunate indeed.

November 2016

Mrs R B

I am writing to thank you so much for all that you have done for me recently. A bright new window to life has opened up before me and I am immensely appreciative of your kindness. I am so fortunate that Mr Beswetherwick introduced me to you. There is now no excuse for playing incorrect notes on the piano or not hitting the golf ball with such perfect vision!!

November 2016

Mrs C O

Thank you very much for performing my eye operations. I can't tell you how excited I am by the vision. Your calm and lovely personality helped enormously and having confidence in a Consultant is as you know paramount for any procedure. After the mixed messages I had received from other consultants your professionalism was a breath of fresh air.

April 2016

Mrs P K

Firstly, an enormous 'thank you' for doing such a brilliant job on my eyes. I can't thank you enough. Secondly, thank you for fitting me into the schedule so quickly and getting me back to driving.

November 2015

Mr D S

You may remember that before the cataract operation we had a discussion on my ability in the future to be able to read without glasses. Consequently you prescribed a suitable lens to allow me some leeway in this matter, thus ensuring me to minister in church more easily without glasses. This has really been an enormous success, not just on Sundays but on other occasions. I do thank you most sincerely for giving me your advice and for carrying out the operation so skilfully.

August 2015

Mrs C F

Just to say a really big 'thank you'. Had my cataract operation and one week later everything is going just great. Colours are wonderful, to see the blue sky and flowers in the garden is just great.

July 2015

Mr S R

I am just writing to say thank you for all the treatment I have received from you over the last couple of years in trying to save the sight in my left eye. I don't believe anyone would have done more.

April 2015

Mr T G

I am over the moon with what you have achieved and with hindsight, reckon it might have been a good idea to have had the operations done two years ago. I was much impressed by, and enjoyed, the whole Nuffield experience; and wish to thank you and all your team again so much for the expert treatment and care I have been given.

March 2015