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Mr Jonathan D Rossiter FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon In Taunton, Somerset

Mrs Debbie Scarff Tel: 01823 589233

Mr Jonathan D Rossiter FRCOphth


Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon In Taunton, Somerset

Why Choose Private Ophthalmic Surgery?

There are a number of advantages to choosing private surgery:

1. Choice of surgeon

This is the most important reason for choosing private surgery. All surgeons vary in terms of their training, experience and of course ability. This is especially important for eye surgery. Private treatment also guarantees that you will not be operated on by a junior doctor in training.
Mr Rossiter has completed over 7000 cataract and refractive lens operations and his continuous audit shows a 0% infection rate and a posterior rupture rate (regarded as the benchmark of quality in catarct surgery) of 0.28%. This compares with national rates for consultants of 0.2% and 1.6%.

2. Continuity of care

You can have confidence that you will see Mr Rossiter personally at each stage of your treatment; from the initial consultation, the important preoperative measurements, the surgery itself and the postoperative checks. Mr Rossiter will also be available at all times to answer any concerns or in case of an emergency.

3. Timing and convenience

As a private patient you can have rapid surgery allowing you to get back to doing the things that you enjoy and that are important in life.
At the Nuffield, Mr Rossiter runs 2 clinics per week and has 3 planned operating lists every month. This means that Mr Rossiter can provide quick and convenient appointments and dates for surgery.
For example with cataract and refractive lens surgery, it is possible to have both eyes operated on the same day or, completed within 2 weeks of each other. There are no waiting lists.
Currently, NHS patients locally wait 12 to 18 months for each eye to be done.

4. Location

Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital - Mr Rossiter performs the majority of his private practice here where he has access to state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Your consultation will take place in comfortable surroundings with free parking, free coffee and tea and where you will be warmly welcomed by the professional and dedicated Nuffield staff. When it comes to the day of surgery, you will enjoy your own individual en-suite room, newspapers and award winning catering.
Mugrove Park Hospital Parkside Private Unit - It is possible to have consultations and surgery with Mr Rossiter through Parkside. Free parking and individual en-suite rooms are available. Self pay patients can access fixed price packages which may be more affordable.

5. Choice - lenses

NHS patients typically receive a standard monofocal lens implant after cataract surgery. With these, glasses are usually needed afterwards for astigmatism or for reading.
Private treatment with Mr Rossiter brings the option of premium lens implants which can reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses, such as toric or multifocal lens implants.
With premium lenses meticulous preoperative assessment and attention to detail at the time of surgery is essential to maximise success. Mr Rossiter has implanted premium lenses for over 10 years and has been delighted with the results his patient have achieved.
With these fantastic options, cataract surgery can now be seen as an opportunity to become largely spectacle independent.
Note: Medical insurers typically only pay for standard lenses but their clients may 'top up' to premium lens options.

Mr Rossiter is a recognised provider for all leading private medical insurers, including BUPA, AVIVA, AXA-PPP, Exeter, Simplyhealth and WPA.

Immediate Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery

It is possible to have both eyes treated on the same day. As Mr Rossiter uses only local anaesthetic without injection, the eyes are covered after the surgery only with a clear plastic shield (no patching). The sight immediately after surgery is good enough for managing at home alone for routine self-caring activities. The second eye is only done if the first eye has been successful and it is treated as a completely separate operation with new equipment, gowns and gloves. The benefits of this are:

    Only one admission and one period of recovery/time of driving and/or work
    Only one COVID test and period of self isolation before and afterwards
    Reduced time waiting for new glasses. This is normally 6 weeks after the second eye is done.
    No risk with imbalance between the two eyes whilst waiting for the second eye to be done. This imbalance can increase the risk of falls and some people cannot drive.
    Some cost savings over having the two eyes done separately

Why choose Jonathan Rossiter?

    Highly experienced with over 20 years in the specialty
    Personally performed over 5000 cataract and lens operations
    Outstanding personal complication rates compared to national figures
    Mr Rossiter uses only the latest technology and lens implants
    Unlike many clinics, Mr Rossiter will see you personally at every stage of your care
    Living locally Mr Rossiter can see you promptly if needed